Downloading, Printing & Filling Out Forms


How can I fill out a programmable worksheet or form?  

Many of our worksheets and forms are “programmable,” meaning that you can actually add your own text before you print them. To do this, make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed. Then download the worksheet or form and open it. Click on each desired field and type your information. Use the enter/return key to type multiple lines in one section and the tab key to advance to the next field. Once you’re done, just click print. 


Can I print in black and white? 

Many of our resources are offered in both color and black and white. If you don't see a black and white version provided, many printers provide the option to print in black and white or gray scale rather than full color. 


I tried to open a reproducible in Microsoft Word (or another program other than Adobe Reader). Now the page looks like a bunch of gibberish! What happened?

You either have a missing plug-in file in your browser or you don’t have Reader installed. Your computer does not associate the .pdf extension with Adobe Reader, and it may have asked you to choose an application. If you select an application other than Adobe Reader, your computer will make the incorrect association until you change it to the proper program.

The best way to solve this is to download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Adobe’s installation process sets up Reader for use in your browser and also sets your computer’s file association correctly.


I have Adobe Reader installed, but it won’t open the files I need. Why not?

If you have Adobe Reader installed, the problem is with the plug-in file that connects the program to your browser. Adobe’s support site has information on the top issues with Adobe Reader.

If you are still having problems with the plug-in file, download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Adobe’s installation process takes care of the plug-in file.


How do I download and install Adobe Reader?

To download the latest free version of Adobe Reader, go to You must know your operating system version (also called platform) and your Internet connection speed (dial-up or broadband). This free software is required for many other websites and is well worth the effort of installing in order to access our materials for your classroom.


Why did only part of my page print?

You may have used a print option from your browser window. Please click the printer icon in the toolbar instead.


Why are all the pictures on the page appearing as black boxes?

In the Print window of Adobe Reader, click on “Advanced” and then check the box next to “Print as image.” If this does not solve the problem, download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader.


When I click on the print links, I’m asked where to save the file. Why?

When you click the print link, Adobe Reader should open the file in your browser. If you are asked where to save the file, it means your browser does not recognize the .pdf extension and will not open it with Adobe Reader. Check to see whether Adobe Reader is actually installed. If it is not installed, download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader.


Why do I get a blank page when I click to view a form or reproducible?

Click “Reload” or “Refresh” in your browser and then wait. If you still cannot access the page, make sure you can open other .pdf files. If you can open other files, then the problem may be that the form or reproducible is a larger file and needs more time to download.


When I fill out a line in a form and then hit “tab,” the text disappears. Why?

You have an older version of Adobe Reader installed. Download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader.


When I print the .pdf file, the text comes out in boxes rather than type. Why?

There are two settings you need to check in the Print window. Be sure the options “Print as image” and “Shrink to fit” are both selected.


The dotted lines on my page do not print. Why?

Google Chrome does not recognize the dotted line in some of our older files. Try using a different browser such as Firefox or Safari.


Can I contact technical support with an Adobe Reader question?

Need additional help with an Adobe Reader question? We recommend visiting Adobe's site for more information:



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