About New Content & Digital Issues


How often is content updated?

Each month, The Mailbox Editors publish new content that is appropriate for student progress, curriculum pacing, time of year, and seasonality.  You'll find it in the digital issues.


Where are The Mailbox digital issues?

Your digital magazine is available by clicking the box for either the current or immediate past issue found on your homepage once you log in. Or, from your school's homepage if you are in a hurry and not logging in. 


When is the next issue published?

On the first of each month we post the new content for each of the five grade level editions (Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grades 2-3 and Intermediate.)


How do I read (or browse) the issue?

Each issue opens in a grid so you can see at a glance the topics covered that month. You can click on a section to get started and then use the arrows at the top to go to the next one or back to the prior one. Those same arrows will help you browse through all the material in a given section page by page. You can also use the icons at the top right to change your navigation:  View all the activities by skill and topics or change the grid to a listing if that's what you prefer. Back and forth arrows as well as your browser's back arrow will help you browse through each issue.


Can I print the digital magazines?

We designed the new digital magazine for the web -- to be fully interactive. Your digital magazine is meant to be acted upon—instead of tearing out ideas to physically file away, you can collect ideas one by one and save them in Collections; instead of photocopying a reproducible from the print magazine, you can print right from your digital magazine or the Print Packet.  

To print an entire issue, open the issue and select the printer icon on the right side above the months.  When the issue opens click on Print Entire Issue (left top box in the grid of content). A pdf file will download that is of the entire issue. Then you can print it or search it, etc.


How can I see past issues of the magazine or, issues from a different grade level than my default one?

Click The Mailbox Archive from the top menu bar or click on the Welcome Banner on the homepage. Click on the year and month you wish to browse for each grade level.

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