About Collections


What are collections, and how can I use them?

Collections are groups of ideas/activities that you compile. They’re kind of like folders, except you can visually browse the content you’ve added there and find what you need more quickly. You can also choose to search your collections if you know you saved something.

You can create new collections as you find things you want to keep, or you can create any number of collections in the overview page (in the My Mailbox sub-menu click on Collections and the plus sign) so they’re ready to go when you start looking for activities. You can rename them whenever you want.



How do I add something to a collection?

When you find an idea/activity or piece of content you want to save to a collection, click on the folder icon in the color bar above it or to the right of it. You will be asked to select an existing collection from the drop down menu (then click the "+ Add" button) or to create a new collection (then click the "+ Create & Add" button).    



How do I see my collections?

To see your collections, hover over My Mailbox with your mouse - then click on Collections in the sub-menu.  Or, scroll down on your homepage - you'll see My Collections below Make & Print Tools once you create your first collection.



How do I rename or delete a collection?

From your collections overview page, you can click the “rename” or “delete” buttons under each collection. Don’t worry—if you hit the delete button by accident, you can easily click the No button and nothing will change.



Can I save something to more than one collection?

Yes. We encourage you to set up collections that are specific enough that most activities and ideas will belong in one place—this is the easiest way to return to what you’ve collected (though you can also search for an item across all of your collections). If you really want to save something in more than one place, you can do that easily by repeating the "add to a collection" process from the content’s toolbar.



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