About Lesson Plan Builder


How do I create a Lesson Plan?

To get started, from your homepage (or the school's) click on Lesson Plan Builder in the main menu bar. In the left menu bar that opens: 

  • Pick a grade by clicking on the box.
  • Select a Subject in the drop down menu that appears (math or language arts).
  • Are you using Common Core State Standards? Answer Yes or No by clicking the appropriate box.
  • Make a selection from the Strand drop down menu (if you said Yes) or the Skill Area drop down menu (if you said No.)
  • Then narrow your selection by choosing a Skill in the next drop down menu(s). 

On the right hand side of your screen, you can see the customized Lesson Plan outline.  Note that “On My Own” activities come with three versions (or suggested variations) for different ability levels.


Continuing in the left menu bar, you can personalize your cover page, change the border or font, and add notes or additional instructions.


Select View Lesson Pages at the bottom to preview the materials. In the screen that opens, click Add at the bottom to include an extra activity that you choose. Once you are satisfied, you can Download the pdf’s or Save to My Plans. If you haven't logged in, you will be asked to at that point. Find the Plans you create by clicking on My Mailbox in the top menu bar and then My Lesson Plans or by scrolling down to the bottom of your homepage once you Log In.


With a few clicks you have created a personalized lesson plan that’s ready to go – it’s comprehensive (with plenty of practice) and leveled for all your learners. Print it as your guideline, or for a substitute teacher to follow, or to submit to your principal. You are all set!

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